Friday, March 18


wishlist for bags atm!


satchel bags from cambridge satchel company. love
i think i need one with my initials on it. 

a shopper


the tote 


a bucket bag 


across the shoulder/ mini 


the oversized clutch 


Lisa L.S said...

So many bags! I want Celine, Mulberry, some of the clutches... Sight! And there's also Balenciaga, Chanel, Margiela....:-)
A girl can never have to many bags!

fashionstoned said...

OMG I love all them!!!

wobblinbetty said...

what a great selection!! loving the big cluthes...even if they are not really pratical sometimes to carry around...but they look really cool xxx

Shilpi said...

incredible! Great bag inspiration, now I know what to look for ;)



sbot said...

Great post! I think I love the bucket bags the best!

Im your newest follower, hope youll want to follow me too : )


Vintagirie said...

De bovenste zijn mooi!


Great selection of bags!

Have a lovely weekend!


cocorosa said...

Love the colored satchels and clutches so much!! <3 <3

Mandsy said...

I agree, I love them alllll!!!!

Amira said...

Wanna all of them! Great blog! Follow you) follow me?

Vintage Rules said...

I love all bags. You have great taste

Cecilie said...

The satchel bags from cambridge satchel company, they are just perfect to school! :)


I V Y said...

bucket bag, oversize clucth, cambridge satchel company. love.

check out my blog and follow me on twitter @zebraandmeerkat x

Stiene S. said...

I love the satchels and the Celine bag!
Great post :D

Vicki said...

You're so right! These bags are adorable. I want theeeem! I'm following, would be great if you follow back! ;)

xoxo Vicki

Miksu said...

lovely and stylish bags, want them all!


Sofi Stellar said...

Love these....though, I'm really digging the across the shoulder mini. Haven't gotten over that Alexander Wang one, yet!

Paper Heart Girl said...

Great pictures! I have a navy satchel company satchel, I love it! xxxxxxxxxxx

Elena said...

great pictures & great blog!!!

visit mine if you want =)

jenny said...

LOVE LOVE. I want them all! especially them colorful.

Vicki said...

Thank you! I'm already following you, but I don't see you in my followers?! :)

potpie du monde said...

These are soooo gorgeous! The Celine is especially my favorite- on my wishlist right now! You have an amazing blog!

Cecilie said...

Thank you for you will follow me! I can't see you are following me yet?

Greatings Cecilie

SAUVAGE said...

you summed up my spring wishlist exactly! The cambridge satchels are to die for.

KcomeKarolina said...

amazing bags!!!

xoxo from rome

(LAST day of my GIVE-AWAY)

Michelle said...

my dear.
you always leave me the sweetest comments.
you are soo adorable.

love m.

Jess said...

So in love with bright clutches ATM. Great picks!

Ellinor Forje said...

I love the blue clutch and the purple satchel. Good inspiration. Thanks for sharing the photos and drop by me too, soon.


jack bespoke said...

great lineup of bags you have there, im personally saving up for the ps1 peach suede... it may or may not take a me a decade to get there...meh.

great blog!


LADY D said...

i love it !! nice and beautiful post

christine donee said...

Always adore Celine. But that cambridge satchel in purple is totally rockin my socks off right now. In the best way possible. Obviously.


Calliforniaction. said...

damn, i want new bag so bad!

Phuong said...

amazing bags!

Travel In Style

Miss Woody said...


Siasia said...

Beautiful bags : O
I want this :) !!

if you like the stories invite me

Luca said...

Great bags!
I especially love the coloured ones!

Start dreaming on

Suzanne said...

These are all too good! Can't wait for spring!

are you dressing up or dressing down said...

couldnt agree more all these styles are classics. I really wantr a doc martens satchel!

Helen, X

Jan said...

Wow I wanna have all of those as well,
hehe and I mean those bags piece by piece ^^
Love them,
those are definitely on my wishlist 8)

helena said...

Coloured bags are the best.
I already got two green ones and a pink/red one :D

ANN said...

I love all of these! I really want a bucket bag and I'm on the hunt for a slouchy oversized clutch! said...

some amazing bags! the next on my list is a satchel and a oversized clutch, thanks for the inspiration :) have a great day sweetie!

love, M

3andahalf said...

love you bag selection.

Im a bag addict too!


Teresa said...

sigh... amazing compilation of bag trends. my faves are the bucket and the clutch!


Clélia C. said...

Diego by alexander wang is amazing bag, i love it but is so expensive

Matea said...

oh i wish for them too :))

Maria said...

Mmm, I want a bold colored bag to brighten up my outfits!

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