Wednesday, November 24

harry styles

while i'm thinking about and mixing together my other part(s) of my christmas list, here's some more inspo. Sorry, i haven't bothered to take pictures of outfits or anything. it will come when i've got the timee....








BTW, i'm totally obsessed with harry styles from one direction. hehehe. (now don't get me wrong, i'm not one of those phsyco fanatics) ok, maybe if i met him i would die a bit inside.
but seriously. how cute is he? (!!!)



thirteen little loves. said...

love this collection of photos.
amazing blog babe!

CC said...

Gorgeous photos! I love the third one. :)
He is such a cutie. Xx

Rand T said...

love love love love love it!!!!!!!!!:)

oh and one direction= no no no no haha;)

The Man from Amsterdam said...

I like the pic of all the models together!

Astrid Anna said...

TATTOOS, TATTOOS, TATTOOS! can't wait till I have my own one..

Alecto said...

the bird on a wire tattoo is ingenious.

sngthanh- said...

i really love the photos, especially the tattoo pics, cuz i'm obsessed with them! x

claarax. said...

lovely inspirations ♥

Glorias things said...

Really great blog! Love your fantastic photos!!

Sonia said...

Lovely photos, the tatoos are cool :)

And I would love Harry Styles for christmas! haha

Sonia // Dozen Dresses xo

Bex said...

Love the pictures, especially the one with the tattoo the birds. Lovely. Not a fan of One Direction to be honest, although I can see why people love them, and Harry. Matt's my personal fave.

HoneyBunny said...

Great photos! Love all of those tattoos:)
Also Harry's sweet, but I think Matt is my favourite and Rebecca too;)

Sandra said...

oooh, love it!!

Sarah said...

i'm really not the sort of person who would have a tattoo, but even i'm tempted by those beautiful birds! so cute! xx

Z--- said...

great picturess!xx

alannah. said...

oh i love these tattoos! such a good find.x

Marie said...

Hahah totally agree: he is supercute! :p
You have a great blog :)

Caroline Lie said...

Elsker bildene!!

Amira said...

Love all pics! Amazing!
Welcome to my blog!

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