Thursday, March 11



Alright. i've got good news and just random facts. 
 I'm not going to say sorry about not blogging cuz i've done that enough. :)

BUT i'm going to say heeey hooo! This week has gone unbelievably fast - and tomorrow i have one presentation and one test to do. wish me luck!

and good news everybody! There are several people whos been waiting for me and my friends streetstyle blog and on saturday we're going to start! LIKE seriously. You're allowed to sue me if there isn't anything posted next week . :) happy ?




i had an akward photoshoot with myself... (red lips ftw!)

that's what sundays are for ;)

btw- i've got everything aligned at the center- kinda like it


Ingvild Alette said...

Streetstyle blog? Like taking pictures of people with awesome style in Stvg?
I was going to do that to! I just thought I'd to it later, haha.
Looking forward to see some streetstyle pictures :-)

Melanie M said...

Gosh, you look FANTASTIC. You have a killer face! So stunning! :)


MEL▲NIE said...

you're sooo pretty !! i love your hair :o

Robbin said...

you're cute =)
good luck on your presentation and exam!

- Robbin

projectvee said...

thanks for stopping by!
cute photos :) you're gorgeous!

The Photodiarist said...

Totally adorable.

Alex Dom said...


Clare said...

Looking forward to the streetstyle blog!

Love these images of you, fun!



Robynne said...

awkward shoots are always the best.

robynne at fashion on edge

Jade "Purple" Brown said...

your hair looks beautiful! i think i should do an "awkward" photo shoot too!

ANN said...

I love your hair!

that girl lucy said...

hey thanks for stopping by, your blog is gorgeous! Love these photos and your hair so amazing - insanely jealous!

CCWai said...

Good luck with school and you look very beautiful in the first pic, especially.

Rikst.♥ said...

Nice blog + nice post!
I'll follow you. Do you follow me too?

xxx Rikst.

ellesappelle said...


ALI. said...

Oh wow, you're gorgeous!
Thankyou so much for the comment x

ediot said...

hi dear. love your blog. nice photos here - youre so cute!

hope youre having an great weekend!

xx ediot

Susanna-Cole said...

You look beautiful in your "awkward" photoshoot (doesn't look awkward to me, but I know what you mean...taking your own picture always feels a little weird, if you ask me)! :D

Thanks for your sweet comment, by the way! <3


¶ Michelle said...

goodness you have such natural beauty! love your blog definite follow!

- Michelle

hélène said...

You've got some gorgeous here missy!!

Thank you for visiting me :) Love your blog!!

Have a great weekend :) xx

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