Thursday, December 3


sorry been a bit uninspired lately.... will be blogging more now though.

anyway the school prom is coming up soon and i'm looking for a dress. I've been looking online and i've found some cute dresses that i might concider - if you have any online sites that has nice dresses (cocktail/party dresses) then contact me please. I'm going to town to look for a dress on saturday with my mom but I bet i won't find anything.
hah i don't want to sound like a pessimist but right now i'm not really in the mood for being an optimist. (i know, impressive use of words).

here are some dresses i found interestiing (sorta going for the cocktail party dress style but some are kinda over my pricerange eheh)





Melanie Likes said...

I hate feeling uninspired:( I hope you have a bit of inspiration soon so we can see some outfits! Follow me, please?:)

Raez said...

this is sp cute! my fave is teh cocktail one:)

xx raez

Ilanka Verhoeven said...

The second dress, I really like the feather/fringed part.
X, fashion-nerdic.

Ra said...

The black one is AMAZING.

Lorena said...

The final dress looks like something Natalie Portman would wear,

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