Monday, November 2

you feel that itch in your petticoat, your pretty pretty petticoat


the kooks



Luke Pritchard ... mm

been listening a lot to the kooks lately , especially ooh la . they're awesome. full stop.


Aoife said...

I used to be really into them, they're sound was really original when they first appeared. But now they're been followed by all these new wannabe-'indie' bands. Hopefully they'll have a new album out with some more interesting stuff. Thanks for the link, hopefully I'l get round to massacre-ing a barbie haha!

Flashes of Style said...

looove them! Great photos as well <3

Ingrid said...

grate pictures sweety :)

Macy said...

love these guys

Natalie said...

i went through a total Kooks obsession hahaha. i seriously know all the words to their songs. they are fantastic!! love the english accent, and they are so cute! :)


Sarah said...

Thanks for your comment! I love these shots! xxx

Gloria fait son show said...

love the kooks,their music are amazing!

Christina said...

lovelove the kooks! need some new material.

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