Saturday, September 19


I'm falling more and more in love with jewelry, especially GOLD jewelry. I've always liked jewelry but since my confirmation, in april, i've been wearing the jewelry i got all time and i am now constantly looking for new, vintage and pretty jewelry.

and yess, my fingers are FAT.

Photobucket my moms old necklace

i just bought this. i love it - studs = awesome

and this well... my friend had a 'jungle/safari' themed birthday, and i was a snake. sohot i might put out some photos ...

i know my arm looks disgusting but this gorgeous piece of jewelry is my moms which she got from dad. isn't prettyyyy.

oh and a song everyone needs to hear : Smash into you by Beyonce. It's reaaaally nice.


Anonymous said...

oh my god i love that snake bracelet! and the other bracelets are amazing. and the rings is gorgeous.

Mina said...

Utrolig fine ting !

HEK said...

Så fine smykker! Skulle ønske jeg kledde gull like godt som deg, men jeg er nok litt kald i fargene.. Gull er nydelig.

Ash Fox said...

your clutch and snake band are absolutely stunning! i just started following your blog. you have amazing taste!


Vintage Me New You said...

I like those a lot, especially the snake bracelet!
The clutch is a must and your looks very nice:)


Eva Internazionale said...

That ring is too pretty.

kaitlyn said...

the snake bracelet is amazing and your arm looks amazing in it. =]

Lauren said...

Love the snake! SO so rad. Your Dad has good taste!

x x x

jessica said...

lovelove the snake bracelet .

Dylana said...

I love that snake bracelet! So cool! Great blog!

Valeriesoh said...

i have been trying to find something like that snake thing for AGES. I am super jealous! it looks like your mom has fantastic jewelry. Love gold as well!

xx from hong kong

Ashleigh said...

that snake bracelet it SOOO beautiful! I would rock that everyday if I had one like it ..

street-inspiration. said...

i love your jewelry :)

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