Tuesday, April 26

break break break

wooooow DUUDE. I've been gone for a week and it feels like months! Anyway back home now. feels good! (except for the fact we have 2 weeks filled with tests and mock exams starting tuesday ... wihoo.)

anyway the weather has been fantastic!! jeez, it feels like summer already. can. not. believe. it. It being Norway and all, heahea. keep it up is all i'm sayin!!
enough with tha craap, here comes... more crap! My camera is still being repaired, so ... mobile and photo booth photos take over. lovelyy.
here's some recent purchases of mine! i'm in love with these vintage shorts!





shorts and top from weekday 
dress from h&m

AND LOOK AT MY BEAUTY , it just arrived today!


with my initials, couuurse



Maddalena said...


sorelle in style said...

love the color of your bag!

sorelle in style

GIAA said...

love the bag and its color!!




Julie Iliana said...

oooh, everything here is amazing! I want that bag AND your shorts!

totally jealous!


Francesca said...

hey! thanks so much for your comment. i'm finally back from Shanghai and back to blogging. I think i was starting to get withdrawal symptoms from blogger and facebook haha! i'll be uploading a photo diary soon :) AMAZING satchel!! where did you get it from? :) i saw it on carolina's blog but i forgot haha. something cambridge satchel company??


Angela said...

Tres bon ce sac!!!
Angela Donava

Elegantesque said...

aaaaaah love your bag !!!! that's so cool you graved your initials on it !!!


Arden Rubens (TOPCOAT) said...

ahh, the bag looks so lovely.. glad to hear you had a nice time! xx

Style Reload by Virginie Peny said...

Wow, love the satchel!! Where does it come from?

Virginie/ Couture & DIY

danielle said...

love the initials on it! it looks perfect! glad you love it! and really happy you enjoyed my music post this morning :)

danielle said...

the skirt is free people- it's actually a tube top. i think it's still available in random places online (like bluefly).

Unknown said...

wow, love the crochet dress first of all, those jeans are AMAZINg, and that satchel is unbelieveably cool in that purple!


Unknown said...

i am in love with those vintage shorts too.. and they fit you like a glove!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Emma said...

in love with everything here. Including your outfit below as well. Lovely blog! your welcome to check mine out xox


Unknown said...

umm love the bag! soo cute its rocking your initials!

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love from San Francisco,


fashioneggpplant said...

gorgeous satchel! :)

Francesca said...

bahha that's okay. i know that you're not a spammer so i was like.. yeah whatever :P was your satchel expensive if you don't mind me asking? it's soo amazing. the colour is so bold! :) xx

Lidiya said...

Love the bag, great photos xoxo

Francesca said...

oh thanks so much for the links! i just had a look on asos, and they're about $180AUD without the initials. can't wait to see yours in action my dear! xx

Estefanía Ainoza said...

Love your shorts!

Unknown said...

Wonderful bag! Love the color!


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Down This Road said...

love love love!! tha bag is on another level!! i want me one!!!! and loves your super retro denim shorts too <33


Sick by Trend said...

what a shorts!!! very very beautiful ones and also that bag in violet is so cool!



frida said...

ELSKER vesken!

Unknown said...

LOVELY!!!i am having a giveaway on my blog, that is perfect for spring&summer! a RAD BIKINI by a young Mexican designeer! check it out, you wont be disappointed ♥ i promise!

Clara Campelo said...


Emily said...

Oooooh purple! Great choice!!


Clara Campelo said...


Jess ♡ said...

EEEK I LOVE YOUR SATCHEL. I tried on that very dress at H&M and it looked awful on me... I can't wait to see it on you! I also adore those shorts, can't wait to see those as well :)

Aubrey. said...

so good!! loving the colour of the bag

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Andrea Antoniou said...

love the colour of ur bag soo much,
i will be visiting your blog again as its soo good :)



A La Mode said...

Great shorts and yay you got that bag!

the nyanzi report said...

i love the bag.

Jenny Ong said...

An awesome looking bag with your initials = amazingg!

the-caramel-lady said...

the short is perfect!

Opposite lipstick said...

love it!


Unknown said...

Aaaaah! I'm totally in love with your bag! WANT WANT WANT! :D xoxo

Becca. said...

love love love your shorts & bag!


wobblinbetty said...

Bag and shorts are insane hun!!!

Twee said...

love your denim shorts dear~!!i wish there's weekday here in Australia!

And the purple Canbridge satchel is LOVELY!!!You'll definitely get to use it a lot~ I love to wear mine as a clutch too =P

SHOP Ezzentric Topz

E L L E S A P P E L L E said...


Kelsey said...

i'm really attracted to those shorts, ahh. and you paired them well!
you're lucky to have weekday

Nice blog,
Kelsey K.

That Girl Lucy said...

The Weekday ouitfit I likey, go the acid wash!

AS said...

love the purple Cambridge Satchel bag - been dying for one xx

lenamalevitis said...

Oh really love your blog :) !

Beatrice Balaj said...

The first picture is such a great buy! Love it


armileen said...

ummm well isnt that the hottest bag ive ever seen!? lucky! =)


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